Residential Dust Control Services

Dust Control for Iowa & Poweshiek County Residents

Does traffic on your gravel road stir up a lot of dust? Without effective dust control, you could have reduced visibility, dirtier vehicles, and overall poorer air quality. You can help prevent this by receiving dust control applications from Victor Oil. Our team will apply calcium chloride to your gravel roads in 100-foot increments to suppress the dust around your home.

Dust Control Frequency & Length

We typically recommend two applications for dust control. It’s standard to have one at the end of May or the beginning of June, then a second application at the end of July or the beginning of August, but more or less can be done if desired. The length of application is up to you as the resident and can be performed in 100-foot increments.

The Process to Receive Dust Control From Victor Oil

For Poweshiek County Residents

First, fill out a Self-Application of Dust Control permit form, then send it to:
Victor Oil - 710 1st St. - Victor, IA 52347
Download the Self-Application Form
Second, print a copy of Poweshiek County Dust Control Policy. Once printed, send a signed copy to Victor Oil, and keep a copy for your records.
Download the Dust Control Policy

For Iowa County Residents

Fill out the Iowa County Annual Dust Control Permit, then send it to the county engineer's office and attach the $10.00 application fee.
Download the Annual Dust Control Permit
It is your responsibility to read and understand the policy.
If you have any questions, contact the Poweshiek County Engineer at   (641) 623-5435 or Victor Oil at   (319) 647-3612.

Dust Control Prices

The pricing listed below is per application and includes sales tax.

Application Length Customer Cost
100' $80
200' $140
300' $195
400' $245
500' $300
600' $365
700' $435
800' $505
900' $570
1,000' $635
1,100' $700
1,200' $765
1,300' $830
1,400' $895
1,500' $960
1,600' $1,025
1,700' $1,090
1,800' $1,155
1,900' $1,220
2,000' $1,285
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